We Maltese have always conceptualised joy and misery in terms of physical space; words like roħob, merħba or dwejjaq are all associated with space. It is interesting how having to share our meagre 316Km2 of land has seeped into our language long before our population reached its current size. And yet it is not surprising, because choosing what to do with this limited resource is a profoundly political, even, ethical issue. Who we are as a society is defined by the kind of landscapes we leave behind.

Let us take agriculture. There is a concern that farming will disappear due…

Appreciating care work is one of the best ways of achieving equality between men and women

A mixture of the industrial and feminist revolutions has meant that there are more women in the workforce than ever before. Despite this, women around the world still do the majority of so-called ‘care work’. Many initiatives exist to get more women into the labour market but little has been done to recognise that societies around the world depend on care work such as the care of children, the elderly, housekeeping and cooking.

Far more men still form part of the labour force than women. Globally in 2015, 77% of men formed part of the workforce compared to 50% of…

The other day I started my morning coffee with my regular dose of corporate bashing. (An unfortunate after-effect of working in food systems science)This time it was how the Monsanto-Bayer merger can change the landscape of the food system. On the same day I read how Monsanto manufactured outrage at the link between glyphosate and cancer.

The routine has now become commonplace for me, I wake up, I read about corporate misdemeanours, experience my gradually declining sense of moral outrage and get back to work pumping out papers. …

Abigail Muscat

I care about the point where nature meets society. Intellectual flâneur. Write about politics, environment, culture, sustainable food systems.

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